Tanker Photo Gallery


KC-135R StratoTanker Elephant Walk - MacDill AFB, Florida  


A VAQ-139 EA-6B off of CVN-76 USS Nimitz refuels from a KC-135R StratoTanker over Helmund Province in September 2008.  


A US Air Force Reserve KC-135R StratoTanker from March Air Force Base in California refuels a F/A-18C from VFA-83 off of CVN-69 USS Eisenhower  


A "NIPRS" wing-pod equipped KC-135R StratoTanker extends the hose & drogues from the "Navy In-Flight Pod Refueling System" for a waiting F/A-18 from VFA-82 off of CVN65 USS Enterprise in January 2004 in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom  


KC-135R StratoTanker from a Portland US Air Force Reserve squadron flies toward it's new home at the 507th Air Refueling Wing at Tinker Air Force Base, Oklahoma  


A KC-10 Extender refuels an Air Force F-22  

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