Joe Gatrell's Blue
Island Facebook Fables

Stories of Blue Island in the Twentieth Century have long been covered by dust and lost in time, but recently a Blue Islander set out to uncover and reveal that which was forgotten. Joe Gatrell has been posting excerpts from his new book "JUST THE WAY THINGS WERE DONE, A POLITICAL HISTORY OF BLUE ISLAND: Volume One, 1920 to 1965." on Facebook. In an attempt to help preserve these stories against future loss, I am archiving them here as they appeared on Facebook. Thanks Joe.

    ☛ January 13 - Frank Kasten: Blue Island's 8th Mayor
    ☛ January 23 - The Murder Of Laura Bucholz
    ☛ February 21 - Memorial Park Plane Crash
    ☛ April 14 - The Tunnels Of Blue Island
    ☛ May 1 - Mayor Hart & the Saving Of Blue Island
    ☛ ☛ Referenced B.I Sun Standard Article: November 14 2013

    ☛ November 9 - Transfer Inn Bombed
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